America's Best Practice Growth Training Company is Now Accepting a Limited Number of Clients in Brisbane, Australia

WANTED: 19 Dentists in Metro-Brisbane to Participate in Cutting-Edge Practice Growth Program


This Program Produces Phenomenal Results, But Only for the RIGHT Practice — which is why we review all potential participants for eligibililty. 

You Are NOT a Good Fit for this Program If... 

  • You are a WHINER, COMPLAINER or FOND OF BEING THE VICTIM... as famous sports psychologist Bob Rotella said, "Winners and losers in life are self-determined... only winners are willing to admit it"  
  • You're certain you've SEEN IT ALL BEFORE or are sure that your practice isn't growing because of cheap patients, insurance companies, the economy, the area, the weather, or other excuses
  • You prefer to focus on short-term, short-sighted "QUICK FIXES," and DON'T SEE THE VALUE in investing in a systematized proven process

You May Be an Excellent Fit for this Program If... 

  •  You think you're a good doctor who works hard and just can't seem to get ahead  
  •  You do not settle for mediocrity, and consistently look to improve yourself, your team, and your practice
  •  You are looking to grow income and profitability in your practice in the next 90 days (without increasing your expenses and overhead)
  •  You are stuck at a "practice plateau" and are ready to breakthrough to your next level  
  •  You want to spend more time having fun with your family and less time working and worrying  
  •  You'd like to attain a certain level of financial mastery and independence, but can't seem to consistently source enough to get there

This EXCLUSIVE Program is Systematized to Consistently Produce Bigger and Better Results Starting in 90 Days or Less...Regardless of Practice Size or Location!

In fact, a small group of highly-motivated Australian doctors participated in a recent BETA test to PROVE that our program works as well — or better — in Australia than in the United States. They've been secretly installing our system, increasing their profits, and transforming their dental practices using our proven process over the last 90 days... Here's what they've experienced: 

Dr. Amol Dabholkar Margate, Queensland, AUS  

"I did most of the renowned management programs in Australia, but this one is by far the most effective and proven program. The advice is comprehensive… not just restricted to the systems but touches on almost every aspect of practice management. Their trainers are a class apart and there is no comparison — this is a NO NONSENSE ORGANISATION. Their solutions are foolproof and time-tested. You cannot go wrong with them.”

Dr. Ron Fulop Mitcham, Victoria, AUS  

"I am amazed at the results that we have achieved with this program. We have been able to increase our productivity in an ordered and manageable manner. This leads to improved job satisfaction and a more cohesive, committed team. What I found the most helpful was the tried and tested systems. They have a clear vision of the issues faced by a dental practice. There is no need to reinvent the wheel. It is a matter of following systems that are customised for your practice. Initially, I wasn't sure how things would work being far from the United States, but distance was no obstacle."

Dr. Andrew Hong Melbourne, Victoria, AUS  

"I just wanted you all to know how impressed my team and I are with your program and employees. We've been a part of three training sessions, energised my team to believe, embrace and implement the material. I have an exceptional group of people who work for me who are committed to making a difference in the lives of those people around them."


This exclusive opportunity has only been offered to 257 doctors in (or around) Brisbane. However, we are only accepting 19 Qualified Participants at this time. To find out if you're eligible, just click the button below:



P.S. — If you just skipped to the end, don't worry... Here's the scoop: 

⚠ We want to use OUR highly successful proven process to grow YOUR practice. We may be new to Australia, but we have grown and transformed over 8,500 practices around the world — that's more than ANY other practice management company in history. So if you're willing to put in some work and follow our process, we guarantee you will be blown away by your results. The first step is to see if you qualify, so click the button below NOW to get started. ⚠ 


Dr. Larry Kaplan Totawa, New Jersey, USA  

"This has actually been a mini miracle in my life. I've increased my new patients effortlessly by approximately 25 to 30% after learning this secret. I was averaging 35 to 40 new patients a month and now I see about 65 to 70."

Dr. Joe Maio West Jordan, Utah, USA  

"Just wanna let you know that we did double our new patients for last month. Our baseline was 24, goal 35 and last month we hit 48. Just hired a new office manager and we are on our way to hitting our collection goal. I am getting excited again!"

Dr. Leatha Wood Grand Haven, Michigan, USA

"All of my office numbers have soared. I am now upset if we have less than 50 new patients per month (a year ago I was ecstatic to see 20). And my production was up over 50% last year. I give all the credit to this program and the awesome team.”

Dr. Dan Beninato Omaha, Nebraska, USA  

"The program has not only GREATLY improved our customer service and new patient numbers, but it’s improved my personal life as well! I have more confidence in myself.”

Dr. Sarah Smith Rochester, New York, USA  

"New patient, production, and collection numbers are all higher now than ever before. This program can detect the weak and strengthen the strong. It raises awareness to what needs to change to make dreams a reality.”

Dr. Shahrooz Yazdani Kemptville, Ontario, Canada

"I work less, make more, am able to give more, and am thrilled about the future. Today, I can say that I feel way less stress and have infinitely greater peace of mind. I’m excited about continuing this journey.”

Save your spot before they all fill up!

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